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Ellinore Ginn


1915 - 1995
Mission Statement: I have put this site up on the web as a tribute to my late mother and in honor of all those mothers like mine throughout the world. She painted pictures with such vivid colours and her home and clothes she wore were the same. I was very humbled to be one of her five daughters.

She reached out and touched so many lives in her stay on earth that her passing in 1995 was a great loss to all concerned. But, when others come to this site and see what she has overcome in life, the successes, the failures and the never-ending love for all her family and friends they will remember her. They will!

I dedicate this site, in loving memory, to my Mum. - Margot -


These links relate to Ellinore's life, her love of fantasy, colour and her family.

Platero And I Paintings
Paintings with Sub-Titles
palette The Story of Platero And I
A Story about a Little Donkey
Including Paintings to Match
Heatherley's School of Art
Chelsea - London
Held in Local Galleries
Harlequin Paintings
Paintings with Stories
The Jug of Memories
Ellinore Ginn's Autobiography
Book Published 1989 by Daphne Brasell
Fantasy Paintings
More of Harlequin
Paintings with Stories

Mackenzie Descendants
5 Generations
from Caithness, Scotland
Poppelwell Descendants
9 Generations from 1652
Name was also spelled Poplewell
Dugald Poppelwell
Son of William (1V) And
Catherine McLachlan
Anna Ginn
Singing Teacher
Wellington, New Zealand
Wilson Descendants
From 1760's - 1995
Ginn Descendants
12 Generations from 1565
Also spelled: Gen - Genn - Ginne
George W. Ginn
and Margaret nee Hunt
Russel Ginn
Ellinore's Husband
Russel's Dinghy Frodo
Kayaking Trips
Made from 1980 - 1993

Ellinore's Daughters
Margot - Joanna
Diana, Victoria and Adair
My Tribute To Mum
From her Daughter Margot
Ellinore's Grandchildren
Taken as Children and as Adults
Ellinore Ginn's CV
From 1915 - 1995
Ellinore's Life
As Told in 1986 Articles by:
The NZ Times and The Kapi-Mana News
Porirua Little Theatre
Founded in 1950 - Originally Called
Titahi Bay Little Theatre
Written in England
Before Ellinore came to NZ
Newspaper Clippings
Assorted Clippings
Titahi Bay NZ
Photos of House Where we Lived
"Rangi Marie"
My Awards
Awards Received for this Website
palette Links to other Sites
Artists - Theatres - Galleries

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